Q4 2023

Ideation and project scope ✅

Development of the protocol and iteration on Testnet ✅

Onboard Key Advisors ✅

Tokenomics, Gitbook, and Roadmap ✅

Website launch ✅

Q1 2024

WarpGate Dapp Testnet Campaign✅

Referral Program ✅

Cross Marketing with Top-notch Immutable Games ✅

DEX & Launchpad Audit ✅

Dapp official launch ✅

WarpGate Soft Launch ✅

IMX WarpGate Dashboard Wallet ✅

Events with Well-Known Projects ✅

Bug Fixes and Product Upgrade ✅

Website Revamp ✅

Q2 2024

WarpLaunch- Launchpad and Auction as a Service (AAAS) ✅

Zero-Code Token Creation ✅

Auto Airdrop function ✅

Cross-Chains Expansion

Full Tokenomics reveal

WARP Token Launch

WARP Staking

WarpGate Airdrop Season

Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs)

Q3 2024

Research into AMM Improvement

Farm Booster

Global Partnerships

Coming Soon...

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