Liquidity Pools on WarpGate

Active Liquidity and Price Ranges

Imagine providing liquidity only when the price aligns with your strategy. In V3, liquidity providers can precisely configure their positions to thrive within specific price ranges. Stray outside, and the position transforms into an inactive stateโ€”no trading, no fees. This level of precision empowers you to tailor your approach in alignment with market dynamics.

Concentrated Liquidity

Concentration is power. In V3, liquidity providers have the freedom to concentrate token deposits, focusing on specific price ranges. With V3's innovative approach, the same underlying assets now support more substantial trades, leading to higher relative liquidity. This concentration doesn't just amplify your impact; it opens doors to increased trading fees with the same capital.

Fee Sharing

50% goes to Liquidity Pools providers and 50% goes to the WarpGate foundation. Under the structure, the foundation fund will be allocated to the treasury and rewarding $xWARP holders in the form of $WARP. Under the hood, fees are collected in LP Tokens โ€“ and periodically realized for $WARP and given to $xWARP holders.

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