❓ WarpGate Q&A

Gain insights into the WarpGate ecosystem, ensuring you navigate the decentralized landscape with confidence. Let the questions guide you through the warp, unlocking the secrets of WarpGate's cutting-edge features and empowering you in your decentralized trading endeavors.

Q: What are fee tiers?

WarpGate introduces a flexible fee structure, providing users with diverse options tailored to their trading preferences. Users can select from three distinct fee tiers: 0.15%, 0.3%, and 1%. This unique approach allows users to align fees with their expected pair volatility, creating a personalized trading experience.

Choosing the Right Fee: A Strategic Decision

Users have the freedom to choose the fee that best suits their trading pairs. Opt for higher fees, such as 1%, for less correlated pairs like ETH/BTC, reducing the risk of impermanent loss for liquidity providers. For pairs with more stability, like ETH/USDC or USDC/IMX, lower fees like 0.15% may be preferred.

Q: Troubleshooting: Why Won't My Transaction Go Through?

Gas Fees: Ensure you have sufficient IMX in your wallet to cover the gas fees for on-chain transactions. Gas fees fluctuate based on transaction queue density.

Transaction Fees: If your swap encounters issues, verify if the tokens involved have fees and transaction restrictions. Some tokens may include fees for burning or funding project treasuries.

Swapping with Transaction Fees: Before swapping, check the token's website for transaction fees. Set a slippage accommodating the fee percentage to ensure a successful transaction.

Stay informed about potential fees and restrictions associated with the tokens you're swapping on WarpGate to ensure a seamless trading experience.

Q: What happens if my liquidity position goes out of range in Exchange?

When the price goes out of the defined range in your liquidity position, you won't earn trading fee rewards, and all tokens will convert to a single asset based on the price direction. If the price returns to the range, you resume receiving trading fee rewards without additional actions.

Q: What factors influence LP APR in WarpGate?

The LP fee reward APR in WarpGate is influenced by various factors, ensuring a dynamic and adaptive experience for liquidity providers. Key factors include:

  1. Trading Volume:

    • More trading volume generates increased fee rewards, offering a direct correlation between market activity and LP APR.

  2. Liquidity Pair Fee Tier:

    • The fee tier of the liquidity pair plays a crucial role, with higher fee tiers generating enhanced fee rewards from individual trades, incentivizing strategic liquidity provision.

  3. Number of Tokens Deposited:

    • A larger number of tokens in a position result in a more substantial relative share against the total active liquidity. This translates to increased trading fee rewards from trades.

  4. Selected Price Range:

    • Opting for a smaller price range allows for higher concentration, amplifying the relative share against the total active liquidity. This strategic choice leads to more trading fee rewards.

  5. Amount of Liquidity Currently Active:

    • The overall amount of active liquidity affects individual rewards. If more users concentrate their liquidity within the same range, it may impact the relative share, influencing trading fee earnings.

  6. Liquidity Position Activation:

    • Only active liquidity positions in WarpGate will contribute to trading fee rewards. Ensuring your position remains active is essential for continuous earnings.

Q: Unable to access warpgate.pro because of IP restrictions?

WarpGate has the choice to block certain countries' IP domains for security/risk purposes.

Q: How do I calculate the current exchange rate?

When determining the current exchange rate on WarpGate, we utilize a metric called sqrtPriceX96. This metric represents the square root of the price times 296,296, as detailed in the Q notation section. The selection of 296,296 was intentional, maximizing precision while efficiently using contract storage for gas efficiency.

Math Explained:

  1. Calculate sqrtPrice:

    • sqrtPrice = sqrtPriceX96 / 296

  2. Convert sqrtPrice to Price:

    • price = sqrtPrice^2

By employing these formulas, you can obtain the current exchange rate on WarpGate. Utilizing sqrtPriceX96 is recommended for accuracy, as calculating the price from the current tick might incur precision loss due to integer constraints. This approach aligns with our commitment to providing precise and efficient trading metrics for our users.

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