How to Trade on WarpGate

Trading on WarpGate is designed to be user-friendly, eliminating complexities often associated with other exchanges. The WarpGate Smart Router handles trading routes and calculations seamlessly for you, ensuring a straightforward and efficient trading experience.

Trading on the WarpGate Exchange

  1. Navigate to the WarpGate Dapp.

  2. Unlock your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet"

  3. Choose the token you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the upper section. Ensure you have a sufficient balance of the chosen token in your wallet for trading.

  4. Select the token you want to trade for in the lower section.

  5. Input the number of tokens you want to swap (spending amount) in the upper section or input the number of tokens you want to receive (receiving amount) in the lower section. The corresponding amount will be estimated automatically.

  6. Review all the details and click the "Swap" button. If you are trading a token for the first time, you may need to click "Enable XXX (your token)" to approve.

  7. A window with more details will appear. Confirm that the details are correct, and when ready, click the "Confirm Swap" button. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the action.

  8. Congratulations! You've completed the trade. Track your transaction on the blockchain explorer by clicking the provided link.

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