How to Add/Remove Liquidity

A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding Liquidity:

  1. Visit the WarpGate Liquidity Page.

  2. Click "Add Liquidity" to kickstart the process.

  3. Select Token Pair: Utilize the top-left input to choose the two tokens forming your trading pair. For instance, let's use ETH and USDC in this illustration.

  4. Automatic Configuration: The interface intelligently picks the most popular trading fee tier and configures the price range for you.

  5. Confirm Version and Fee Tier: Verify the version and fee tier of the liquidity pool by checking the "fee tier" displays.

  6. Review and Confirm Price Range: Examine and confirm the price range on the right-hand side displays. The chart offers insights into liquidity across various price ranges, allowing customization.

  7. Deposit Amount: Enter the desired amount in one of the tokens under "Deposit Amount." The system auto-fills the other, ensuring a balanced contribution.

  8. Preview and Confirm: A pop-up window provides a preview of your liquidity position. If satisfied, click "Add" once again to confirm.

  9. Wallet Confirmation: Confirm the transaction from your wallet.

  10. Check Your Position: Your new liquidity position will swiftly appear on the "My Liquidity" page. Dive deeper by clicking on the position for detailed insights.

Removing Liquidity:

  1. Visit the WarpGate Liquidity Page.

  2. Select Your Pair: Under "Your Liquidity," click on the pair from which you intend to remove liquidity.

  3. Initiate Removal: Click "Remove," and a new modal will gracefully appear.

  4. Adjust Liquidity Amount: Utilize the buttons or slider to specify the amount of liquidity you wish to remove. Opt for "MAX" to withdraw the entire liquidity from this pair.

  5. Enable and Confirm: Click "Enable," prompting your wallet to sign the action. Once done, the "Remove" button will illuminateโ€”click to proceed.

  6. Confirm Removal: A window detailing the quantity of tokens you'll receive will pop up. Click "Confirm," and your wallet will seek confirmation for the action.

  7. Transaction Confirmation: Once you confirm the action from your wallet, the transaction is initiated.

  8. Tokens Received: Post-confirmation, you'll receive two tokens from your pair. If you haven't withdrawn all liquidity, your remaining value will be promptly updated on the liquidity page.

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