How to create a fixed-price auction pool

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Auction Innovation

  1. Connect and Prepare:

    • Visit the WarpGate Dapp and connect your wallet.

    • Ensure a comprehensive experience by binding your email and Twitter account.

  2. Navigate to Creation:

    • After a successful wallet connection, click the top navigation icon.

    • Select "+ Create," then "Create an auction."

  3. Choose Auction Settings:

    • Select the chain, token type, and set the auction type as "fixed-price."

    • Confirm the successful linking of your wallet.

  4. Token Information:

    • Enter details in three sections - Token Information, Auction Parameters, and Advanced Settings.

    • If your token is not found, manually import it by entering the contract address.

    • Note: Inflationary or deflationary tokens are not supported.

  5. Set Auction Parameters:

    • Define key parameters:

      • Funding Currency: Choose the token participants will use.

      • Swap Ratio: Fixed unit price of your token.

      • Amount: Specify the number of tokens for the auction.

      • Allocation per Wallet: Set a maximum cap to prevent concentration.

  6. Advanced Settings:

    • Proceed to Advanced settings:

      • Pool Name: Craft an easily searchable pool name.

      • Time: Set auction start and end times.

      • Delay Unlocking Token: Prevent immediate dumps by setting an unlock time post-auction.

      • Participant: Choose to open the auction to whitelisted addresses.

      • Refundable: Decide whether participants can withdraw before auction end.

  7. Review and Confirm:

    • Thoroughly review your auction parameters and confirm your settings.

  8. Token Approval and Launch:

    • The contract will prompt you to approve and send tokens to the auction contract.

    • Ensure sufficient tokens and gas fees.

    • Upon completion, receive a notification confirming your successfully created auction pool, visible in your profile activity and the main marketplace.

  9. Fee Consideration:

    • Keep in mind that creating a pool may incur a cost of approximately 1000 IMX tokens, depending on the project.

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