How to participate in a fixed-price auction

Participating in WarpGate Fixed-Price Auctions: A Seamless Journey into Auction Engagement

Dive into the excitement of participating in Fixed-Price Auctions on WarpGate! Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and secure entry into the vibrant world of decentralized auctions.

1. Connect and Navigate: Visit WarpGate Platform and connect your wallet securely.

2. Find Your Desired Auction: If you have a specific auction in mind, directly visit the auction pool link. Alternatively, search by auction pool name, token address, auction creator username, or user ID. Double-check pool information before proceeding.

3. Identify Auction Status: Take note of three pool statuses:

  • Upcoming: Set a reminder for the impending auction.

  • Live: Participate actively as bids are accepted.

  • Closed: The auction has concluded.

4. Review Auction Details: Upon entering an auction pool page, carefully review details, including:

  • Pool ID and creator

  • Token contract address

  • Token price

  • Coingecko icon for verified tokens

5. Place Your Bid: When the auction is live, enter the desired allocation amount. Bids are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ensure sufficient funding currency in your wallet.

6. Confirmation and Interaction: Click "Place a Bid," confirm the provided information, and proceed. Complete the transaction by signing and confirming your wallet interaction. Track your bid in the Auction History section.

7. Swift Participation: In popular auctions, act swiftly to secure your bid and monitor progress through the progress bar.

8. Regret Option (Refundable Feature): If enabled by the auction pool creator, utilize the "Regret and Get Funds Back" option. Enter the amount to cancel, supporting both full or partial regret. This option is available before the pool closes. Regretted funds become available for public bidding.

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