How to Create Your Own Tokens on WarpGate

  1. Token Name: Enter your desired token name, reflecting the essence of your project or concept.

  2. Token Symbol: Choose a unique symbol to represent your token, ensuring it's easily recognizable in the crypto world.

  3. Token Decimals: Specify the number of decimal places for your token, defining its precision in transactions.

  4. Initial Supply: Set the initial quantity of tokens to be minted upon creation, laying the foundation for your token's circulation.

  5. Max Supply: Define the maximum number of tokens that can ever exist, establishing scarcity and value preservation.

  6. Token Features: Select the supply, access, and transfer types for your token, tailoring its functionality to your project's needs.

  7. Additional Features: Opt for optional features such as taxation, anti-whale protection and burnability to customize tokenomics.

  8. Token Creation Fee: Pay a nominal fee of only 10 IMX for token creation, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all users.

For a full guide, please visit for a step-by-step showcase.

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