🧑‍🚀WarpGate Launchpad

Unleashing the Power of Galactic Token Launches

Explore the unique features of WarpGate Launchpad, where innovation meets customization. The launchpad provides a robust infrastructure for projects launching on the Immutable zkEVM, offering diverse strategies such as auction-style sales, IFOs, and more.

Understanding WarpGate Launchpad:

  1. What is WarpGate Launchpad?

    WarpGate Launchpad is the gateway for projects seeking to launch on Immutable zkEVM. It leverages the same cutting-edge technology that propelled WarpGate's own launch. Projects enjoy customization options like setting hard caps, whitelisting, and more.

  2. Dynamic Launchpad Experience:

    Participants in the launchpad enjoy perks like whitelist spots, discounts, airdrops, and more, tailored to each project's launch model.

  3. Eligibility and Allocation Clarity:

    The eligibility and allocation process adapts to each project's launch model, ensuring a user-friendly experience for participants.

  4. Upcoming Sales and Announcements:

    Stay updated on upcoming sales by following WarpGate on https://twitter.com/WarpGateX, where launchpad dates are announced.

  5. Project Information:

    Join our WarpGate communities to dive into detailed information about projects launching on the WarpGate Launchpad. Team members are available for clarification and to address any queries.

  6. Public Sale Token Price:

    Token pricing during public sales is determined based on the specific launch model.

  7. Claiming Public Sale Allocation:

    Look for the claiming process details on the respective projects.

  8. Accepted Payment Tokens:

    The project team specifies the accepted payment tokens before the sale start date.

  9. Safety and Project Evaluation:

    While WarpGate supports protocols using its infrastructure, it does not provide advice or recommendations for teams or tokens unrelated to WarpGate. Conduct your research before participating in any sales.

  10. Project Audits:

    WarpGate is a permissionless infrastructure supporting the entire Immutable zkEVM ecosystem. While efforts are made to filter out bad actors, users are encouraged to conduct their research.

Embark on your token launch journey with WarpGate Launchpad, where the possibilities are as vast as the universe itself!

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