Token claim post auction

For Auction Creators:

  1. Visit your auction pool page on the WarpGate platform.

  2. Click the "Claim Tokens" button available after the pool concludes.

  3. If your auction is sold out, claim the amount of funds raised.

  4. For partially sold auctions, claim the remaining tokens and the funds raised.

For Auction Participants:

  1. Visit the auction page where you successfully participated.

  2. Claim your purchased tokens after the auction pool officially closes.

  3. Note: If the creator has set a delay unlock time, patiently wait until the tokens are unlocked to proceed with the claim.

Both creators and participants can seamlessly claim tokens, bringing a smooth conclusion to the auction journey on WarpGate. Claim what's rightfully yours and continue to explore the innovative possibilities of decentralized auctions!

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