WarpGate Playable Auction

Step into the future of auctions with the WarpGate Playable Auction – an avant-garde fusion of crypto gaming and auction dynamics. In this groundbreaking approach, Bounce redefines the traditional auction experience by integrating captivating gameplay elements, transforming the allocation distribution into a thrilling one-player, one-time gaming adventure.

  • Game-Based Allocation Distribution: In the realm of WarpGate Playable Auctions, allocation distribution is not determined by traditional bidding alone. Instead, participants embark on one-player, one-time games to earn their allocation. The ranking scores achieved during these gaming sessions play a pivotal role in determining the distribution of allocations.

  • Auctioneer's Creative Control: Auctioneers wield creative control by selecting the game format and establishing rules for allocation distribution. Whether it's an equal share for qualifying players or varying allocation sizes based on game rank and score, the possibilities are as diverse as the games themselves.

  • Two Distinct Allocation Options: Participants in the WarpGate Playable Auctions have the flexibility to choose from two allocation options. The first option ensures an equal share for all participants who qualify through game play, fostering a sense of inclusivity. Alternatively, the second option introduces a dynamic element, with allocation sizes varying based on the rank and score achieved in the gaming sessions.

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