Anti-Rug Policy

Policy Details

  • Token Hold: The Warpgate Foundation will automatically hold 1% of the total initial token supply of any project created through our platform. This hold is part of our Anti-Rug Pull measures.

  • Purpose: This policy is intended to prevent rug pulls and ensure project creators are committed to their project's long-term success.

  • Usage: Tokens held by the Foundation may be used for ecosystem development, community incentives, or other purposes aligned with supporting the project and ecosystem.


1. Preventing Rug Pulls: By holding 1% of the token supply, the Warpgate Foundation can act as a deterrent against malicious actors considering a rug pull. This holding provides a mechanism for intervention and support in cases where the project's direction or management decisions may harm the community or the project's sustainability.

2. Aligning Interests: This policy ensures that the interests of the project creators, token holders, and the Warpgate Foundation are aligned towards long-term project success and sustainability. It demonstrates a commitment from the creators to the project and builds trust with investors and users.

3. Supporting Ecosystem Growth: The held tokens enable the Foundation to directly support the project and broader ecosystem through development funds, liquidity provision, community incentives, or other mechanisms designed to foster growth and adoption.

4. Transparency and Trust: By transparently holding a portion of the token supply, the Foundation promotes transparency and trust within the ecosystem. This practice encourages responsible project development and governance, contributing to a healthier blockchain environment.

5. Adaptive Measures: The Foundation is committed to the adaptive use of held tokens to address emerging challenges and opportunities within the project and ecosystem. This flexible approach ensures that the Foundation can effectively support project needs and ecosystem health over time.

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